Bill Goodwin is a main character in the television series, Fangbone!.


Bill is an goofy, lovable kid who is a kid whose weirdness is his ultimate weapon, and he helps Fangbone survive life on Earth.

Physical Appearance

Bill has orange hair, apricot skin, with orange-brown freckles on both sides of his cheeks, he wears a white long-sleeve shirt with black sleeves, and wears sky blue jeans with light blue cuffs on the bottom of the pants and black and white sneakers.



Fangbone - He and Fangbone are friends, as Fangbone reside in Bill's and Ms. Goodwin's Home.

Ms. Goodwin - He and Ms Goodwin are often get along with each other no matter how the situation is, she's known for making Bill and Fangbone waffles in a special way.


The Gallery for Bill can be found here

Memorable Quotes


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