After being severed by unknown means, the toe was entrusted to Fangbone, who was then transported to Earth. Shortly afterwards, The Venomous Drool sent a octopus monster to retrieve the toe. In the battle that ensued, Fangbone was hurled across the town, landing in Eastwood elementary. The toe ended up Bill Goodwin's backpack. When Fangbone realized the toe landed in Bill's backpack, he tackled Bill, and threatened him with his sword. Fangbone was swiftly pulled away by the octopus monster after Mrs. Goodwin arrived.

In the middle of the night, the toe emitted a bright aura, signifying that Drool's evil was near. The next day, while Bill walked through the school with the toe, Fangbone charged at the nearest window, failing to break through. As Bill exited, begging for mercy, Fangbone was nowhere to be seen. After a few steps, Bill stepped into Fangbone's trap. Fangbone demanded the toe, but after being answered by "I don't have it!", he asked Bill where it was. Bill conceded to show Fangbone the toe; Bill had put the toe into his locker. When Fangbone and Bill retrieved the toe, it was shaking violently and emitting a bright aura. Drool's octopus monster then burst through the school doors, seeking the toe. Fangbone attempted to engage the beast, but Bill, still holding the toe, ran away from the monster, forcing Fangbone to chase him.

After tracking Bill back to his home, Fangbone stormed the room, seeking Bill. After seemingly finding Bill cowering under his blanket, Fangbone threw off the blanket, finding only a toy robot. After Fangbone was knocked down in shock at the trick, Bill exited his closet in a rush, attempting to escape his room, but failing. Bill then raised up a toy Lightsaber in self-defense, to which Fangbone scoffed. After activating the light, tricking Fangbone to think it was an enchanted blade, he swiped his toy menacingly at Fangbone, causing him to back away to the bed. After seeing Fangbone's fright, Bill took pity on him, and gave him back the toe. Suddenly, the toe brightened, warning that one of Drool's monster's was near. Fangbone and Bill lured the monster away from Bill's house, riding into the local junkyard. Bill saved Fangbone from the monster by picked him up with a nearby crane. After helping Fangbone evade the monster for a while, Bill tricked the monster into trapping itself in a water tower. Following that, Drool attacked Fangbone and Bill almost every day.

It is revealed to be sentient.

The Toe's Power

Drool's toe has the power to possess objects and people, for instance, pizza, and Robo Dibby. Drool's toe made up most of his power, when he gained the toe, he was almost invincible. At the end of the series, it was revealed that the toe was sentient, and after Drool's defeat, had taken over his forces.

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