Bill: Eww...
Fangbone: Can you see him? Can you see the ice elf?
Bill: No...
Fangbone: He dances in my mouth... [Spits his mouth] with his icicle shoes.
Bill: When was... UGH, when was the last time you brushed your teeth?
Fangbone: The only thing I brush is the blood of enemies from my face.
[Mrs. Goodwin passes the waffles to Fangbone and Bill, and Bill eats.]
Fangbone: Many thanks, mom of Bill. [He looked at the waffles] I will devour this tower of waffles, without delay! [He grabs a waffle and tries to eat it.] Waffles... Uh. Go in... Uh. Open I say. [He twisted his waffles and his face.]
Bill: [sigh] He's got a toothache, mom. But he won't admit it.
[Fangbone tossed the waffle at Bill's face.]
[Fangbone stared at the fork]
Bill: My mouth stones know the price of rebellion.